Mission Statement

My mission is to ignite your passion,
astonish your psyche,
nourish your soul,
jump start your vitality,
unite you with all you can be and
assist you to grow in your authenticity to where your bliss is.

Company Profile

I have been doing energy therapy and consciousness work since 1996. The clinic moved to White Rock in 2000 and has been operating there ever since. I have been working with people, plants, animals, landscapes, businesses, governments and buildings for about thirteen years.

In 1996 I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening. A kundalini awakening is where there is an energy surge within the body that blows out a lot of cobwebs. As soon as it happened, my hands glowed in the dark and my awakening process had begun. The first thing I noticed was that I could remove anything from anyone, including severe allergic shock and I could add anything to their body that they lacked, including minerals like magnesium. It took me a while to get a handle on things and figure out how this new “gift” worked. It seemed I was on this magical roller coaster ride with no end.

There were a lot of ups and downs as I tried to negotiate this new reality that I found myself in. I knew that it basically looked the same as the reality that I was used to but there were subtle differences. I was being propelled along and I seemed to have no control over the darkness that was attempting to overwhelm me. At times, I wondered if this was what hell was like. Through it all there were bright spots that made all of the struggle that I was experiencing worthwhile.

Because my healing abilities were growing, everyone wanted to see my piece of paper. You know that credibility that we mirror to our clients and they mirror back? So I took the BodyTalk System group of therapies starting in 2002. My first client using the BodyTalk protocol was a man with failed kidneys. He had also had two transplants and they were both inactive. He had an excruciatingly painful condition common to people with kidney problems. He had been on daily medication for that since 1976 and on peritoneal dialysis for two years. Within three days of his first session his painful condition was gone and never came back. Within two and a half months, one of his transplants fired up and gradually started working again. In spite of my BodyTalk training, I found the system too slow and cumbersome, so for part of the session this man took me into a section of the BodyTalk protocol called “Other Modalities”. Guess which modalitiy he took me too? Mine. I’ve been specializing in  serious and chronic illness more and more in the clinic ever since.

Out of a curiosity to provide faster, more efficient results, I developed a series of techniques starting with Quantum Mapping Technique and Energy Diffusion Counseling. Later the Quantum Field Systems Therapy group developed along with ChiroEnergetics, a muscular-skeletal protocol.

I have used these therapies to work with field crops, reducing their stress levels and increasing their yields. The plants and trees are very simple to work with and I love to see them thrive. On GooseBearie Hill Farms where I grew crops organically, I learned to moderate my session work because of the amount of produce I had to deal with.

Animals and birds are my other passion. These therapies work marvelously on birds, animals, fish, insects and even rocks. I love to see the animals recover their health, especially when there has been no other hope.

In landscaped areas, you can get a rock that has been broken and is sitting next to plants. The rock gets an attitude because it has been moved or damaged and starts affecting life around it. The plants could become stunted and may even die. Both will benefit from session work.

We are all connected…we are all one. Its time we started living with greater harmony with ourselves and our world. Walk this journey with me and we’ll do it together.

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