Who’s in Your Life, Anyway?


Our personal world is different that every other person’s world. Yes, there are places where we touch each other so there can be an inter-connection that creates a net between whole communities of people. Our preferences however, make us believe we would rather not have certain people in our lives. But what do those people represent? Why are they here disturbing the reality you want to create?

The net that connects the present all together could have been created a long time ago, in another century, in another age. We haven’t always been so civilized and nice. Each of us has during one lifetime or another done some bad things. The energetic memory of those events still resides in our energy field, lurking in some hidden place away from our current awareness.

The people we interact with and the people we hear about on the news are pings that spring from those energetic memories. It doesn’t mean we are going to turn into what we hear on the news but those who have an overwhelming amount of those terrible energetic memories, sooner or later have a spill-over that causes them to become violent.

For most of us however, most of the people you interact with or hear about are reminders for us to reach deeply into ourselves and pull out the shards of pain and suffering that are reflected to us. As we learn and grow and see whatever is in front of us as a gift, that person becomes the perfect one to give us a poke as a reminder of who we really are and why we are here.

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