Discernment- Discernment About What Is Appropriate For You Is Not About Comfort It Is About Growth

For a number of years now, I have studied under a person of great wisdom. One of the things that is hammered home is about discernment. Finding the right action or the right path is so important in creating freedom from discord and advancing anyone’s consciousness. Appropriateness is key throughout life. Make an inappropriate decision for you and it could lead you down a blind alley where you have to turn around and find your way in another direction. There are no wrong decisions of course, but there is the factor of circumstances that are created that can be disappointing and frustrating, not to mention the time that has gone by..

Discernment Is All About Appropriate Interpretation Of The Resonance

Appropriateness and the discernment of it is all about resonance and picking up the nuances of the vibration you feel. Discerning those nuances takes careful observation and practice and realizing that what is appropriate is not about what will make you happy, rich or dispel loneliness. It is about what it is supposed to teach you, how you respond to it and how and if you grow. If you don’t understand the lesson, it will be repeated, perhaps in a stronger manner next time. It will repeat until you respond appropriately, using it as a tool for consciousness growth.

Using Discernment To Break The Cycle Of An Unpleasant Repeatedly Experienced Circumstance

How many times have you relived experiences over again during your life? The people and places might have been different but the issue and emotional roller coaster it brings have the same flavor. Sometimes even when you think you have dealt with something enough, it is still there. A good example of this is my father. He was a highly unpleasant person who gave me a sense of relief when he died. I worked almost every day for about five years to be rid of his energy. When I felt I had rid myself of every scrap of his energy, I was presented a situation where I knew there was more. It takes a lot of work to rid yourself of karmic baggage if you have that intention but there are some shortcuts that can move you out of the current and into quieter waters. By using your intent and your discernment you can break the cycle of repeats that plague your life. When you work at your issues they can appear less and less in your life, leaving you with greater stillness.