Meditation – Why You Should Meditate

unconditional-loveThese days most people think meditation is something done only by monks in temples way off there somewhere. While monks do meditate there is so much value in meditation for the average person that it is a shame not to do it. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it can help you dump your day and refresh yourself so you are not carrying around all the accumulation of your days and weeks. Life is busy and frenetic. Most people get so wound up that their muscles are tense, their monkey mind is jabbering, their digestion is disruptive and their heads feel like they are being squeezed. It is amazing how much of this can disappear during a fifteen minute meditation. Meditation is done in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted and the medical benefits of a daily practice can lower blood pressure, calm digestion, deepen breathing, loosen tense muscles, reduce pain, calm the panic of cancer and many other benefits found during recent studies. Slowing down your life even for a few minutes can help reduce the effects of inflammation and aging.
Using Meditation To Calm The Storm
I get asked a lot how to meditate and I have to say that there as many ways to meditate as you have fingers. Some are very elaborate and have you doing all kinds of things to get you in the zone, but I believe the simplest way to meditate can be found here. It gives you the basics and once you start meditating you may find the benefits too hard to resist and want to extend your meditation for longer and longer. That can only benefit you more and more. It gets you in touch with the inner you, the one who has your highest good at heart and the one who can guide you forward. You can experience closer communication in the stillness of meditation.