It’s Mudra Monday! Mudra For Clearing Your Mind

MUDRAS 001I’m starting a series of posts on Mondays to introduce you to the healing power of your energy and what happens when you direct it in certain ways. Mudras have traditionally been practiced for thousands of years to affect the energy field in strong and powerful ways. MUDRAS 002The first mudra I am going to teach you is simple to do and will help clear your head, reduce headaches and drain heavy energy from your body. If you are sensitive to energy, the effects can be quite dramatic.
How To Set Up The Mudra
First, sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor, beside each other. Take the thumb and little finger of each hand together with the finger pads touching. Extend the three middle fingers out straight, laying beside each other in a row. Touch the pads of the three middle fingers on your temples, in the hollow on either side of your head. Place your tongue on the tissue just behind your front teeth.
Close your eyes and breathe deeply, gently and slowly in and out as fully as you can. Do this for the count of thirty, then slowly remove your hands from your head, and open your eyes. You should feel much lighter, refreshed and much calmer. If you enjoy this position you may continue for as long as you like. You will only receive benefit from doing this mudra.