Whoop Upside the Head


With some of us, the Universe is not very subtle. It bops us on the head and suddenly we’re different. I’ve always been curious to see how other people have experienced “the Universal Call.” It seems like some people have had a road map pushed in one ear and they just seem to have a complete set of directions on exactly where they are to go and how they are to get there.

My awakening was similar to that but I must say, I didn’t always know where to go or how to get there. Sometimes when I knew, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do when I did get there.

For those who have never had an awakening experience, what would it be like if they had one? It is a very definitive experience. One that is unmistakable. Some people seem to wait their whole life in expectant anticipation for their Universal Call. I, on the other hand was not in the least expecting anything like it when it came.

When the Universe smacks you upside the head it seems to light a fuse of explosive action that sets in motion a whole series of events that take you beyond anything logical or rational. Your logical mind cannot rationalize its way out of this one! You are swept beyond your comfort zone and all the excuses your mind could come up with are unceremoniously brushed aside. You’re in for a ride now, bumps and all. Even the old creaky-springed jalopy is called into service to carry you through this quickening.

At first you’re still in doubt and trepidation about the unknown that is looming in front of you but over time you cannot deny the huge but gentle loving presence that is propelling you into a deeper state of oneness. The voice is so soft and clear, yet so strong.

You never know when an awakening will happen. Some people seem to be born awake so the awakened state is all they know. When you are abruptly dragged from your life into another way of being it can be quite a shock. On one hand, you don’t quite know what to make of it all and on the other, every cell of your body, at every level of consciousness knows that another piece of your life has just slipped into place. At first it seems quite effortless, after all, it just happened. Then a vision of the new reality opens before you. As you try to adjust to this new way of being, the ego tries to slip you back into old ways and old habits. You suddenly realize that they are now very uncomfortable and very cumbersome. Some great divine choreographer pushes you into a new dance of trying to empty your cup of the old drudgery and stickiness that was the way a while ago. We are forced to surrender, to have faith and trust in the process. Some of the bumps we experience are large indeed as family and friends try to cajole us into the old ways.

The new way is much more inviting as the clear gentle voice beckons us ever closer. Then the karma hits and bounces us around on large waves of discord as we try to navigate and find our way through. This is punctuated by that crystal clear voice whispering…”This way.” There is nothing left but surrender to the truth of who we are and the purpose we have chosen.