Our Two Books Zero Point Energy Books are Available for Sale

TWO GREAT BOOKS FROM JEAN PERRINS, Medical Intuitive, Holistic Practitioner and Health Coach AND BRUCE GOLDWELL: “In this first of its kind book on the subject of Zero-Point Energy Wands, Bruce Goldwell & Jean Perrins, among the forefront of pioneers in the field of bio-electric science and information about the technology, present a first hand look at the role that Zero-Point Energy plays in the process of helping the body to heal.

Fascinating and informative, this is a culmination of extensive research, expert dialog by two professionals in their fields and enlightening thoughts presented by the authors to help empower readers to discover new possibilities for fighting disease and harnessing the body’s healing powers through the use of Zero Point Energy Healing Wands.” Wand Your Way to Healthy Living and and Zero Point Energy Wand -Illustrated Wanding Guide and Workbook are available from Amazon.com.

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