Consciousness – How Your State Of Consciousness Can See The Gift Of Circumstances


In the past, I have had the habit of rescuing animals, particularly dogs, cats and birds. I bring their wounded selves home, patch them with love and watch them transform. One of my acquisitions was Misha, a german shepherd/lab cross who at the tender age of two years and two months had been in four homes before she arrived at mine. We have had ten wonderful years together, teaching both of us lessons about patience, trust, love, and a whole pile of other issues. I am fairly energy aware and when I came back from being out of town for two months, I knew something was wrong. I don’t know if my absence was the trigger and she didn’t seem ill, just down. We have gone through periods like this with her before as she went through triggers of old cellular memories but we always came through the other side. I took her to the vet, just in case to have her checked out and everything came back negative except for an ear infection that could be cleared up quickly. Within a week of the vet visit however, she went into medical distress. When I realized this was the end, I ended up under a full on energetic attack. As I struggled to get Misha into the car, I was searching through my consciousness for the source. At the vet, he was shocked to find that she was dying of cancer after all the tests had come back negative. She collapsed in his office and we had to say goodbye. Meanwhile, the energy attack continued unrelenting.

Circumstances Can Alert You To Vulnerabilities Within Your Consciousness

Over the years I have developed ways of dealing with energetic issues within me and clients I saw during my clinical practice. When I found the energetic sources of the attack on my consciousness I just dealt with it. It was such a gift, showing me an energetic vulnerability that could cause me considerable distress. I’ve always had a soft spot for animals but this was different. It was a huge hole, like a subway station hiding behind my compassion that allowed discord and dark energies to pour in. Once I closed the hole and cleaned up the energy, my energy field became still again. This was a signal, pointing a finger at something that needed to be fixed. Through my consciousness and improving my conscious awareness I see each life circumstance for what it is, a sign or signal on which I need to pay attention to and take action. Over the years, it has improved my clarity and discernment My boat doesn’t rock as much and I can more clearly see what is best for me to do and where I should be. Sometimes nuances are so subtle we don’t notice them so we need bigger more dramatic events to show us what we need to see. Your consciousness is just trying to show you what you need to see so maybe you need to pay closer attention and take some more action on these gifts. If you don’t, you will see them over and over again presented in different way with ever increasing levels of pain. Pay attention you deserve to be free of what holds you back. It’s time.