The Song Of Life


It takes time, energy and focus to turn the supertanker of money, greed, lies, war and manipulation, but that is what a lot of us have come here to do. We are the special forces unit of the light, singing our vibrational song, acting like tuning forks so others will pick up our resonance and sing in harmony with us. We have struggled within our own selves to climb the mountain out of the swamps. It has not been easy but we have character and courage beyond what anyone could believe.

The Modern Weapons Of Light

We are in the trenches of social media, singing our song to those who are lost and hurting, watching the miracles of their transformation, even if we don’t know who they are. We watch the tone of their posts change as they begin their climb up the mountain. We do not judge them or cast them aside. We cheer them on and as the vibration rises around us, we marvel at the beauty and wisdom of the Universe as more and more awaken. And less and less resist. Yes there are pockets of extreme darkness, but it is only a matter of time before their resonance will increase to the point where they cannot hold on to their power.

Changing Every Inch Of Your Reality

Every thought, every word you say and everything you do affects everything around you, seen and unseen. Your energy field is really large and everywhere you go in your community and your world will be affected by you as your energy field sweeps through it. You can change the tone of a whole community by just loving yourself. The vibe acts like a tuning fork sweeping everything into a new vibration and keeps spreading as the new resonance is sensed and taken up. There is nothing to do except to Be and to sing loudly.

Consciousness -Your Favorite Consciousness Blanket


Albert Einstein was so wise when he said “God doesn’t play dice.” You were made perfectly, filled with so much love and light. As life came along day by day, it was like blankets were thrown over you, some by you and some by others so you couldn’t see your true self any more. You were protecting yourself from the coarse world you perceived around you. Others were forcing untrue identities on you and telling you untrue stories. Sometimes they even attacked you energetically. Bruised and battered you retreated under your blankets and you forgot who you are.

The Self within you is gently stirring now, encouraging you to throw off the blankets of identities that are not you. Throw off the “I am too fat, too thin. I am poor. I am ugly. I am unlovable. I deserve to die. I deserve to be punished. I hate the world. Life is hopeless.” mentality. It is your blankets talking and not you.

Take a deep breath and shut your eyes. Briefly touch on a painful experience from your past and feel the tightness somewhere inside you. What you feel is the energetic imprint of that event or part of it. If you have tightness or discomfort in other parts of you, it has probably happened more than once but you may not remember. There are all kinds of theories about past lives and karma but just for a moment, recognize the tightness as a sign post where love is absent. Don’t put any other thoughts or memories on it. Imagine what love would be, whether it is a feeling, a red rose, or whatever comes to your mind and picture yourself filling that tight space with it and say to yourself, “I love how you love me!” Love is all there is and love does conquer all. Feel a different sensation in that place you felt tightness and you will notice the sensation expands a little and you feel slightly different. If you don’t feel anything, don’t worry, just keep repeating the exercise every time you think of it and soon your outer world along with your thoughts will begin to shift.

The love I speak of is not the chick flick romance movie stuff. It is much deeper than that and has the ability to open your life to a much more satisfying experience where you rip off those blankets one by one and gradually come out the other side as a different person. This can be a very painful experience now and then but the rewards of releasing yourself from this dark prison are immeasurable. You will become very different than you are now and you will love who you truly are.