Who’s in Your Life, Anyway?


Our personal world is different that every other person’s world. Yes, there are places where we touch each other so there can be an inter-connection that creates a net between whole communities of people. Our preferences however, make us believe we would rather not have certain people in our lives. But what do those people represent? Why are they here disturbing the reality you want to create?

The net that connects the present all together could have been created a long time ago, in another century, in another age. We haven’t always been so civilized and nice. Each of us has during one lifetime or another done some bad things. The energetic memory of those events still resides in our energy field, lurking in some hidden place away from our current awareness.

The people we interact with and the people we hear about on the news are pings that spring from those energetic memories. It doesn’t mean we are going to turn into what we hear on the news but those who have an overwhelming amount of those terrible energetic memories, sooner or later have a spill-over that causes them to become violent.

For most of us however, most of the people you interact with or hear about are reminders for us to reach deeply into ourselves and pull out the shards of pain and suffering that are reflected to us. As we learn and grow and see whatever is in front of us as a gift, that person becomes the perfect one to give us a poke as a reminder of who we really are and why we are here.

Discernment- Why Your Discernment Is Not Often Clear

Do you ever wonder why you make some of the decisions you do? Sometimes we can laugh at ourselves but sometimes things get pretty serious like why people decide to smoke when they know the odds of getting cancer are pretty high, or why some people get into destructive relationships or lousy investments. Decisions run your life and if you make decisions that are not really right or good for you they must be coming from somewhere…but where? There is a rumour out there in the big bad world that your conscious mind is the size of a pea and your subconscious mind is the size of an elephant. At first I laughed buy now I know it is true. Most discernment in the majority of people comes from the elephant. Decisions are made on a subset of subconscious conditions most of which are energetic in nature. When you drive your car around, it get dirty quite naturally. You don’t even have to drive on dirt roads either. Your mind needs an energetic washing just like your car needs a physical one.

Discernment Is Seeing Through The Fog

If you live in a place where thick fog can occur you know how easy it can be to lose your bearings and get turned around or you have to go more slowly to see familiar landmarks as you move forward. The true nature of your discernment is also like that. The landmarks that give you the true nature of what is for your highest good are buried in the fog of thoughts like ‘If I don’t go partying with Paul, he will give me a hard time.” Or “Jane is expecting me to buy her something special for Valentine’s Day when we haven’t been going out long enough to say we are going steady. “ Your mind and feelings manipulate you into doing things or saying things just to get something out of it. Whether it is self-punishment, to feel powerful, to feel included or just to be part of something, your discernment can be clouded to the point where you get turned around in the fog. The truth is however, that thoughts are energies that don’t always belong to you. They can be just dirty foreign bits of energy that have become lodged in your energy field that register in your mind as thoughts that influence your feelings and behaviors. Once a path is set, sometimes it is hard to get turned in the right direction…like quitting smoking…it can be really hard if not impossible. When your discernment is clouded you can make a series of bad decisions that can affect you years and decades later in your life. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but what if you could clear the fog and get the decision you should be making.

Wanting Affects Discernment

First of all, recognize that wants that you appear to have are just lumps of foreign energy in your energy field with a pull. You keep bumping into them and they get your attention. These lumps could be anything wonderful to anything horrid and they are all tumbling around your energy field like ping pong balls at a bingo game. Which ball comes up will depend on what attracts you the most subconsciously or which one has the most control over a sector of your energy field. This is why regaining control of your energy field in total takes a lot of work because your energetic territory is so big. The part you can feel if you are clear is about 55 feet from you in any direction, but it extends out much farther than that. That creepy person that lives down the hall from you has an energy field that occupies part of the same space as yours does. That can also affect your discernment as their energy can try to interfere with yours. Now that you know some of the influences on your ability to discern you can take empowering steps to regain more clarity.

It’s Mudra Monday! Mudra For Clearing Your Mind

MUDRAS 001I’m starting a series of posts on Mondays to introduce you to the healing power of your energy and what happens when you direct it in certain ways. Mudras have traditionally been practiced for thousands of years to affect the energy field in strong and powerful ways. MUDRAS 002The first mudra I am going to teach you is simple to do and will help clear your head, reduce headaches and drain heavy energy from your body. If you are sensitive to energy, the effects can be quite dramatic.
How To Set Up The Mudra
First, sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor, beside each other. Take the thumb and little finger of each hand together with the finger pads touching. Extend the three middle fingers out straight, laying beside each other in a row. Touch the pads of the three middle fingers on your temples, in the hollow on either side of your head. Place your tongue on the tissue just behind your front teeth.
Close your eyes and breathe deeply, gently and slowly in and out as fully as you can. Do this for the count of thirty, then slowly remove your hands from your head, and open your eyes. You should feel much lighter, refreshed and much calmer. If you enjoy this position you may continue for as long as you like. You will only receive benefit from doing this mudra.

Intent- Is Your Intent Conscious or Subconscious


Your intent can bend a spoon
Your intent can bend a spoon
I went to the airport the other day to pick up someone. I checked the arrivals and the aircraft hadn’t landed yet so I went to get a tea and settle in the waiting area. I was approached by a lady on crutches who asked me if I was drinking coffee and promptly told me her mother wouldn’t allow her to drink coffee. She looked like she was in her late forties. I asked her how long she had MS. She registered surprise and asked me how I knew she had MS. I laughed and told her I could see it in her energy field. I continued by telling her that MS was structured in such a way in the energy field in particular ways so it was possible to put MS into remission. I took a business card out of my pocket and put it on the arm of the chair beside me. The next part of the conversation surprised even her. I told her it would be a difficult decision to let go of the |MS because everything was done for her. Since she was out of the workforce for about five years, she would have to go back to work. Now all her meals are prepared, her laundry is done, she is driven everywhere. She basically has a life of leisure that has a finite end point as her disease progresses. She had a madonna like smile on her face as she turned and stumbled away making the easier decision of letting her disease take her. The challenge of letting it go was too much and her decision that she needed her disease was greater than any intent to get rid of it. I picked up my business card and put it back in my pocket.

Why Your Intent Can Destroy You

Your energy field is called that because it is filled with all types of energy. There is mixed debate as to how it all got there but suffice to say you pick up dirty energy just living life, not to mention the energy that is pushed into you by people who want you to do what they want. (You do that too, by the way).These dirty energies all have a voice, some of it is louder than others but all of it has an influence on your life and what your intent is throughout it. For good or bad your intent is influenced within your subconscious mind to the point where you are not even aware that you are making a self-sabotaging decision that will manifest sometime in your future. Make a series of these decisions and life could feel pretty terrible. Your conscious mind becomes overpowered by what is contained in the subconscious so vigilance and patience are required until you learn how to pick your way through your energetic debris.The purpose of these articles is to help you develop the knowledge and felt sense to give you signals to the best intent and direction for you. Keep in mind, there are no right or wrong choices, they all teach you something that you can intend to change or let be. Your intent is a gift, a bonus a trauma or a lesson, depending how you react to it.