Discernment- Why Your Discernment Is Not Often Clear

Do you ever wonder why you make some of the decisions you do? Sometimes we can laugh at ourselves but sometimes things get pretty serious like why people decide to smoke when they know the odds of getting cancer are pretty high, or why some people get into destructive relationships or lousy investments. Decisions run your life and if you make decisions that are not really right or good for you they must be coming from somewhere…but where? There is a rumour out there in the big bad world that your conscious mind is the size of a pea and your subconscious mind is the size of an elephant. At first I laughed buy now I know it is true. Most discernment in the majority of people comes from the elephant. Decisions are made on a subset of subconscious conditions most of which are energetic in nature. When you drive your car around, it get dirty quite naturally. You don’t even have to drive on dirt roads either. Your mind needs an energetic washing just like your car needs a physical one.

Discernment Is Seeing Through The Fog

If you live in a place where thick fog can occur you know how easy it can be to lose your bearings and get turned around or you have to go more slowly to see familiar landmarks as you move forward. The true nature of your discernment is also like that. The landmarks that give you the true nature of what is for your highest good are buried in the fog of thoughts like ‘If I don’t go partying with Paul, he will give me a hard time.” Or “Jane is expecting me to buy her something special for Valentine’s Day when we haven’t been going out long enough to say we are going steady. “ Your mind and feelings manipulate you into doing things or saying things just to get something out of it. Whether it is self-punishment, to feel powerful, to feel included or just to be part of something, your discernment can be clouded to the point where you get turned around in the fog. The truth is however, that thoughts are energies that don’t always belong to you. They can be just dirty foreign bits of energy that have become lodged in your energy field that register in your mind as thoughts that influence your feelings and behaviors. Once a path is set, sometimes it is hard to get turned in the right direction…like quitting smoking…it can be really hard if not impossible. When your discernment is clouded you can make a series of bad decisions that can affect you years and decades later in your life. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but what if you could clear the fog and get the decision you should be making.

Wanting Affects Discernment

First of all, recognize that wants that you appear to have are just lumps of foreign energy in your energy field with a pull. You keep bumping into them and they get your attention. These lumps could be anything wonderful to anything horrid and they are all tumbling around your energy field like ping pong balls at a bingo game. Which ball comes up will depend on what attracts you the most subconsciously or which one has the most control over a sector of your energy field. This is why regaining control of your energy field in total takes a lot of work because your energetic territory is so big. The part you can feel if you are clear is about 55 feet from you in any direction, but it extends out much farther than that. That creepy person that lives down the hall from you has an energy field that occupies part of the same space as yours does. That can also affect your discernment as their energy can try to interfere with yours. Now that you know some of the influences on your ability to discern you can take empowering steps to regain more clarity.

Discernment- Discernment About What Is Appropriate For You Is Not About Comfort It Is About Growth

For a number of years now, I have studied under a person of great wisdom. One of the things that is hammered home is about discernment. Finding the right action or the right path is so important in creating freedom from discord and advancing anyone’s consciousness. Appropriateness is key throughout life. Make an inappropriate decision for you and it could lead you down a blind alley where you have to turn around and find your way in another direction. There are no wrong decisions of course, but there is the factor of circumstances that are created that can be disappointing and frustrating, not to mention the time that has gone by..

Discernment Is All About Appropriate Interpretation Of The Resonance

Appropriateness and the discernment of it is all about resonance and picking up the nuances of the vibration you feel. Discerning those nuances takes careful observation and practice and realizing that what is appropriate is not about what will make you happy, rich or dispel loneliness. It is about what it is supposed to teach you, how you respond to it and how and if you grow. If you don’t understand the lesson, it will be repeated, perhaps in a stronger manner next time. It will repeat until you respond appropriately, using it as a tool for consciousness growth.

Using Discernment To Break The Cycle Of An Unpleasant Repeatedly Experienced Circumstance

How many times have you relived experiences over again during your life? The people and places might have been different but the issue and emotional roller coaster it brings have the same flavor. Sometimes even when you think you have dealt with something enough, it is still there. A good example of this is my father. He was a highly unpleasant person who gave me a sense of relief when he died. I worked almost every day for about five years to be rid of his energy. When I felt I had rid myself of every scrap of his energy, I was presented a situation where I knew there was more. It takes a lot of work to rid yourself of karmic baggage if you have that intention but there are some shortcuts that can move you out of the current and into quieter waters. By using your intent and your discernment you can break the cycle of repeats that plague your life. When you work at your issues they can appear less and less in your life, leaving you with greater stillness.

Meditation – Why You Should Meditate

unconditional-loveThese days most people think meditation is something done only by monks in temples way off there somewhere. While monks do meditate there is so much value in meditation for the average person that it is a shame not to do it. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it can help you dump your day and refresh yourself so you are not carrying around all the accumulation of your days and weeks. Life is busy and frenetic. Most people get so wound up that their muscles are tense, their monkey mind is jabbering, their digestion is disruptive and their heads feel like they are being squeezed. It is amazing how much of this can disappear during a fifteen minute meditation. Meditation is done in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted and the medical benefits of a daily practice can lower blood pressure, calm digestion, deepen breathing, loosen tense muscles, reduce pain, calm the panic of cancer and many other benefits found during recent studies. Slowing down your life even for a few minutes can help reduce the effects of inflammation and aging.
Using Meditation To Calm The Storm
I get asked a lot how to meditate and I have to say that there as many ways to meditate as you have fingers. Some are very elaborate and have you doing all kinds of things to get you in the zone, but I believe the simplest way to meditate can be found here. It gives you the basics and once you start meditating you may find the benefits too hard to resist and want to extend your meditation for longer and longer. That can only benefit you more and more. It gets you in touch with the inner you, the one who has your highest good at heart and the one who can guide you forward. You can experience closer communication in the stillness of meditation.

It’s Mudra Monday! Mudra For Clearing Your Mind

MUDRAS 001I’m starting a series of posts on Mondays to introduce you to the healing power of your energy and what happens when you direct it in certain ways. Mudras have traditionally been practiced for thousands of years to affect the energy field in strong and powerful ways. MUDRAS 002The first mudra I am going to teach you is simple to do and will help clear your head, reduce headaches and drain heavy energy from your body. If you are sensitive to energy, the effects can be quite dramatic.
How To Set Up The Mudra
First, sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor, beside each other. Take the thumb and little finger of each hand together with the finger pads touching. Extend the three middle fingers out straight, laying beside each other in a row. Touch the pads of the three middle fingers on your temples, in the hollow on either side of your head. Place your tongue on the tissue just behind your front teeth.
Close your eyes and breathe deeply, gently and slowly in and out as fully as you can. Do this for the count of thirty, then slowly remove your hands from your head, and open your eyes. You should feel much lighter, refreshed and much calmer. If you enjoy this position you may continue for as long as you like. You will only receive benefit from doing this mudra.

Intent- Is Your Intent Conscious or Subconscious


Your intent can bend a spoon
Your intent can bend a spoon
I went to the airport the other day to pick up someone. I checked the arrivals and the aircraft hadn’t landed yet so I went to get a tea and settle in the waiting area. I was approached by a lady on crutches who asked me if I was drinking coffee and promptly told me her mother wouldn’t allow her to drink coffee. She looked like she was in her late forties. I asked her how long she had MS. She registered surprise and asked me how I knew she had MS. I laughed and told her I could see it in her energy field. I continued by telling her that MS was structured in such a way in the energy field in particular ways so it was possible to put MS into remission. I took a business card out of my pocket and put it on the arm of the chair beside me. The next part of the conversation surprised even her. I told her it would be a difficult decision to let go of the |MS because everything was done for her. Since she was out of the workforce for about five years, she would have to go back to work. Now all her meals are prepared, her laundry is done, she is driven everywhere. She basically has a life of leisure that has a finite end point as her disease progresses. She had a madonna like smile on her face as she turned and stumbled away making the easier decision of letting her disease take her. The challenge of letting it go was too much and her decision that she needed her disease was greater than any intent to get rid of it. I picked up my business card and put it back in my pocket.

Why Your Intent Can Destroy You

Your energy field is called that because it is filled with all types of energy. There is mixed debate as to how it all got there but suffice to say you pick up dirty energy just living life, not to mention the energy that is pushed into you by people who want you to do what they want. (You do that too, by the way).These dirty energies all have a voice, some of it is louder than others but all of it has an influence on your life and what your intent is throughout it. For good or bad your intent is influenced within your subconscious mind to the point where you are not even aware that you are making a self-sabotaging decision that will manifest sometime in your future. Make a series of these decisions and life could feel pretty terrible. Your conscious mind becomes overpowered by what is contained in the subconscious so vigilance and patience are required until you learn how to pick your way through your energetic debris.The purpose of these articles is to help you develop the knowledge and felt sense to give you signals to the best intent and direction for you. Keep in mind, there are no right or wrong choices, they all teach you something that you can intend to change or let be. Your intent is a gift, a bonus a trauma or a lesson, depending how you react to it.

Whoop Upside the Head


With some of us, the Universe is not very subtle. It bops us on the head and suddenly we’re different. I’ve always been curious to see how other people have experienced “the Universal Call.” It seems like some people have had a road map pushed in one ear and they just seem to have a complete set of directions on exactly where they are to go and how they are to get there.

My awakening was similar to that but I must say, I didn’t always know where to go or how to get there. Sometimes when I knew, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do when I did get there.

For those who have never had an awakening experience, what would it be like if they had one? It is a very definitive experience. One that is unmistakable. Some people seem to wait their whole life in expectant anticipation for their Universal Call. I, on the other hand was not in the least expecting anything like it when it came.

When the Universe smacks you upside the head it seems to light a fuse of explosive action that sets in motion a whole series of events that take you beyond anything logical or rational. Your logical mind cannot rationalize its way out of this one! You are swept beyond your comfort zone and all the excuses your mind could come up with are unceremoniously brushed aside. You’re in for a ride now, bumps and all. Even the old creaky-springed jalopy is called into service to carry you through this quickening.

At first you’re still in doubt and trepidation about the unknown that is looming in front of you but over time you cannot deny the huge but gentle loving presence that is propelling you into a deeper state of oneness. The voice is so soft and clear, yet so strong.

You never know when an awakening will happen. Some people seem to be born awake so the awakened state is all they know. When you are abruptly dragged from your life into another way of being it can be quite a shock. On one hand, you don’t quite know what to make of it all and on the other, every cell of your body, at every level of consciousness knows that another piece of your life has just slipped into place. At first it seems quite effortless, after all, it just happened. Then a vision of the new reality opens before you. As you try to adjust to this new way of being, the ego tries to slip you back into old ways and old habits. You suddenly realize that they are now very uncomfortable and very cumbersome. Some great divine choreographer pushes you into a new dance of trying to empty your cup of the old drudgery and stickiness that was the way a while ago. We are forced to surrender, to have faith and trust in the process. Some of the bumps we experience are large indeed as family and friends try to cajole us into the old ways.

The new way is much more inviting as the clear gentle voice beckons us ever closer. Then the karma hits and bounces us around on large waves of discord as we try to navigate and find our way through. This is punctuated by that crystal clear voice whispering…”This way.” There is nothing left but surrender to the truth of who we are and the purpose we have chosen.

Reiki Powerful Traits That Should Be Appropriately Utilized

Reiki is therapeutic system that gives anxiety decline and rest and is dependent on a thought that energy goes through persons and gives them vivacity. Like a lot of Asian techniques, it has experienced modification due to lots of issues. Not considering the name and technique, the indispensable conception is that if a life energy is lessened or impeded, an individual will be in poor health. If the energy is amplified, which is the purpose, a human existence would be comprehensive, favorable, healthy, and the person will be capable to perform, impact society, and love relatives and will be self-confident.

In Japanese rei means the knowledge of the world. At the similar time ki is life strength power. Employed by a practitioner utilizing the hands, a therapy by way of power channeling, offers a breathtaking warm emission that cures the individual as totality: mind, organism and soul getting advantages by way of rest, feeling of harmony and well-being. The worth is total satisfaction.

Contrasting to what a lot of persons consider, Reiki is harmless and effortless. Efficacious in aiding health problem and troubles it acts in blend with Western medicinal systems. Even if Reiki has presented techniques of remedial practice, practitioners advice any person not to interchange healing with taught therapeutic experts and establishments. In a number of Reiki educational institutions, the methods are not educated but imparted from one practitioner to another by way of a transfer procedure. This is termed attunement that apparently permits the learner to get a vast amount of life energy to enhance peoples physical condition and improve the quality of their lives. You do not have to be a medical doctor, attorney or anybody with a top intellectual education. Anybody and everyone from dissimilar age and background can become skilled at this through dedicated preparation.

While Reiki is quite spiritual it doesnt have any religious background. It has no doctrine, except for a conception and comprehending of real knowledge , power stream, and compassion. With that supposed, Reiki is not keen about conception at all and will run with or without a belief. For the reason that Reiki arrives from all over the place, the soil, sky, world, outer and inner side of us, a lot of folks find that utilizing Reiki places them in communication with the feeling of their religious concept sooner than having a mental standpoint of it.

It is nevertheless essential to live and take action in a manner that gives a good relationship and usual remedial result. As it concerns straightforward moral ideals to convey peace and calmness that are established on several necessary principles and this is general across all nations.

Ideals created to insert spiritual sense of balance, the values intention is to provide the therapeutic essence by consciously determining to progress oneself getting the liability for the curative process and take the energetic part in the process and incorporate a vigorous obligation to boost oneself to implement the procedure. This method works to live a merciful life, and the practice is worth of its intrinsic merit. Giving the power to cure needs an individual to go beyond a comfort state of authenticity and become the part of the universe.

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Overcoming Depression Behavioral And Spiritual Perspective

Depression is generally caused by getting what we don’t want or not getting what what we do want. One of the most depressing situations is to be caught in a catch 22, in which you are boxed into a situation that abuses you no matter what you choose to do.

Depression calls into question the perceptions of our transcendent purpose in the scheme of life. Existence without a sense of direction will automatically lead to the potential for depression. Also having a sense of direction that leads nowhere results in depression. Depression can be mellow or dysthymic. Dysthymia is a chronic negativity, indecisiveness, and the feeling that life is devoid of meaning.

There are many things that might cause us to be depressed: Seeking a mate that is not compatible, getting involved in get-rich-quick plans, gambling, allowing temper fits to cause us to lose control, blinding ourselves to our own limitations, seeking dominion over others, being unforgiving, hating others, allowing addictions to control us, participating in self-pity.

Additionally, there is the realization that our economy (personal economy, national economy and world economy) is never going to be what it once was. We need to cope with both the ups and the downs of our life, regardless of whether we had an active hand in receiving the problems that have been dealt to us. It is important to be ready for the extremes that are unavoidable.

It is important that we know what our human limitations are. If we are depressed we need to acknowledge it, not deny it. Once we acknowledge it, we need to identify what barriers exist to a reasonable solution. The least intrusive solution is almost always the best solution. That is, the solution that involves the least amount of help from others is the best solution. Treating the cause, instead of the effect, is always a better solution.

There are two fundamental types of depression: systemic depression and circumstantial depression. Systemic depression is generally more serious than circumstantial depression and may require help from others.

Circumstantial depression involves depression that has a particular cause that is the source of the depression. For example, loss of a job might logically cause depression. Divorce may logically cause depression. Pain for long periods of time may logically cause depression. Grief over the loss of someone close can cause intense depression. In cases of circumstantial depression it is usually helpful to focus on the cause and see if a solution can be brought about as a result of making changes. In the case of a loss of a job, the obvious solution is to get a job. If jobs are difficult to get you may need to make a job out of getting a job. And, of course, going though the process can cause, at times, even more depression. And, in an economy like the present one, we may have to, at times, realize joblessness as a long-term reality.

Systemic depression is the most serious form of depression because there is usually no obvious cause to focus upon. This depression could be so severe that other people may need to help with the problem. Unfortunately, people in this condition tend to have the attitude of “leave me alone” and would rather isolate themselves. What can we do if we have this type of depression? We need to acknowledge we have the problem. That is a first step in solving the problem. Next, we may have to realize that the solution may require that other people assist us. A parent, a mate, a trusted friend or a relative might be able to provide help and guidance. Or a counselor, psychologist, or behaviorist may be able to help.

In this age of instant solutions, many will be too willing to turn to drugs to solve the problem. In some cases, drugs may be the solution, especially in the case of self-destructive behavior. After all, it’s better to take a drug than to kill yourself. However, for most, it is better to try options that are the least intrusive. For example, St. John’s Wort is an herb that is a natural SSRI (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor). After taking this herb for at least 3 weeks, many people see that they are relieved of the feeling of depression. And there is the added benefit of having none of the awful side effects of drugs. There is also the benefit of not having to play a game of “may I?” with your doctor. St. John’s Wort requires no prescription.

Getting rid of depression can be a challenge. It may be necessary to try a variety of solutions before settling on one that works. During this time it is necessary to be careful to associate with trustworthy individuals who can be supportive of efforts to get free from depression. Friends or relatives who laugh about depression or trivialize depression have the potential to make the depression worse.

Beh Psy

Depression is not the opposite of happiness; it is the absence of happiness. Every moment we are depressed has the potential to drag down portions of what should be an abundant life filled with purpose. If we fail to plan, for the most part, we plan to fail. Without a plan, it is generally difficult or impossible to extinguish depression.

Exercise is an important part of our well-being, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, in today’s society many have forgotten how useful exercise can be in extinguishing depression. In college, in Miami, I was enrolled in a program called Life Lab. In it I learned about a young man who had decided he was so depressed there was nothing left to do but kill himself. However, he knew there was a shame associated with suicide. So, he determined that he would kill himself in a way that would not be detected as suicide. He decided he would run himself to death. That way, he reasoned, someone would see him dead by the side of the road after a long run and figure he just had a heart attack due to over exertion. He was fairly out of shape physically, having devoted his time to studying at the university. So, everyday he ran as far as he could until he would be so weak he couldn’t stand up. After several days of running he realized he didn’t really want to kill himself after all. His exercising became the beginning of his plan of success in extinguishing depression. Exercise causes the endorphins to kick in, reducing pain and neutralizing depression.

Sunlight is an important part of combating depression. Many people are unaware of it because the activities that keep people inside are, many times, the activities that cause them to focus on the problems that have caused the depression in the first place. In the 1970’s there were two psychologists in downtown New York City who would request that their new clients walk around the block as their first step in the treatment of their depression. Some would refuse to do it. At that point they (the psychologists) would refuse to accept them as clients. Sunshine is very important. After you take a bath and dry off, you feel refreshed. It takes an effort to take time to take a bath. But, once you do it, you are glad you did it and you feel better. The same is true of sunshine. When you take the time to walk in the sunshine you almost always feel better.

Taking time for yourself is important. Married couples who have young children should help each other to have times of solitude, times to reflect on their lives. On the other hand, we need to take time to interact with others, particularly our mates, our families, our friends. We need to network with trusted individuals who can be supportive of our plan. It is necessary to avoid friends who are not really friends, those who would laugh at the problem or trivialize it. It is necessary to avoid people who will try to draw connections where no such connections exist. Job’s friends were a good example of this. They tried to make the connection that he had to be an evil person in order to suffer the negatives in his life. Job’s denial of this only caused them to be unrelenting in their attempts at problem analysis. There are times when God directly punishes someone for their bad behavior. However, most of the time, He just leaves us alone to learn from trial and error and experience.

Anyone seeking help from professionals (counselors, psychologists, behaviorists) should be sure to ask if they have worked with depressed people before and how much experience they have had. It is important to select someone who has the proper experience and a positive and fast-working agenda to re-gain functioning appropriately in a short length of time.

It is a good idea to stop and think about all the good things in your life. It’s not really that difficult. It’s mainly a matter of incorporating this routine in productive thought patterns. Some of the world’s greatest leaders (Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, etc.) had problems of chronic depression. But they had a plan and they were aware of a transcendent purpose in their lives. Had they not succeeded in extinguishing their depression, the history of the world would have been very different.

Severe depression is a problem that is on the rise in today’s world, particularly among the young. The behavioral extinction of serious depression is, for the most part, an activity that is not understood by most because, when most cases of depression become severe, insight into the underlying cause is generally lost sight of.

What is the underlying cause? For most, the underlying cause of severe depression is a generic form of borderline personality. The classic borderline personality, as outlined in the DSM-4 (psychiatrist’s manual), is a fixation on someone to the extent that there is a fear of being left alone, a fear of being abandoned. However, the generic form of borderline personality is a much more universal form. It is not even listed in the DSM. In fact, it could be said that people who have a generic form of borderline personality may be considered terminally sane. Why? It’s because it is so universal in our modern world, especially in the western world. In our society, you can have a fixation on a mate, a car, a house, a hobby, a career, or anything that is time consuming, and generally no one is going to call you on that game because only you know if you are inordinately focused on something to the extent that you have set your hopes on something that can be taken from you.

The solution in simple terms is as follows: “Therefore don’t be troubled, saying, What shall we eat? Or, What shall we drink? Or, With what will we be clothed?” (Matthew 6:31). “But seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). We should all be seeking the coming kingdom of God, the whole point of our existence. We should seek His (God’s) righteousness. Many forget about the second part.

The word “righteousness” is from the Greek “dikaiosune”, meaning the condition acceptable to God –or– rightness and correctness of thinking, feeling, and acting. This is a major key to peace of mind.

Ask Your Bible

What is righteousness? As one example, the parents of John the Baptist were considered righteous because they walked in all the commandments (Luke 1:6). What commandments? The Ten Commandments – the law of God.

Righteousness, keeping of the Ten Commandments, keeping the law of God generally results in peace of mind. “Great peace have they who love your law: and nothing shall offend them” (Psalms 119:165). Peace of mind should be our top priority.

Wily Elder, CBA, CMI

Remember: Every second that passes is simply another chance to turn it all around.

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Consciousness – How Your State Of Consciousness Can See The Gift Of Circumstances


In the past, I have had the habit of rescuing animals, particularly dogs, cats and birds. I bring their wounded selves home, patch them with love and watch them transform. One of my acquisitions was Misha, a german shepherd/lab cross who at the tender age of two years and two months had been in four homes before she arrived at mine. We have had ten wonderful years together, teaching both of us lessons about patience, trust, love, and a whole pile of other issues. I am fairly energy aware and when I came back from being out of town for two months, I knew something was wrong. I don’t know if my absence was the trigger and she didn’t seem ill, just down. We have gone through periods like this with her before as she went through triggers of old cellular memories but we always came through the other side. I took her to the vet, just in case to have her checked out and everything came back negative except for an ear infection that could be cleared up quickly. Within a week of the vet visit however, she went into medical distress. When I realized this was the end, I ended up under a full on energetic attack. As I struggled to get Misha into the car, I was searching through my consciousness for the source. At the vet, he was shocked to find that she was dying of cancer after all the tests had come back negative. She collapsed in his office and we had to say goodbye. Meanwhile, the energy attack continued unrelenting.

Circumstances Can Alert You To Vulnerabilities Within Your Consciousness

Over the years I have developed ways of dealing with energetic issues within me and clients I saw during my clinical practice. When I found the energetic sources of the attack on my consciousness I just dealt with it. It was such a gift, showing me an energetic vulnerability that could cause me considerable distress. I’ve always had a soft spot for animals but this was different. It was a huge hole, like a subway station hiding behind my compassion that allowed discord and dark energies to pour in. Once I closed the hole and cleaned up the energy, my energy field became still again. This was a signal, pointing a finger at something that needed to be fixed. Through my consciousness and improving my conscious awareness I see each life circumstance for what it is, a sign or signal on which I need to pay attention to and take action. Over the years, it has improved my clarity and discernment My boat doesn’t rock as much and I can more clearly see what is best for me to do and where I should be. Sometimes nuances are so subtle we don’t notice them so we need bigger more dramatic events to show us what we need to see. Your consciousness is just trying to show you what you need to see so maybe you need to pay closer attention and take some more action on these gifts. If you don’t, you will see them over and over again presented in different way with ever increasing levels of pain. Pay attention you deserve to be free of what holds you back. It’s time.