Discernment- Why Your Discernment Is Not Often Clear

Do you ever wonder why you make some of the decisions you do? Sometimes we can laugh at ourselves but sometimes things get pretty serious like why people decide to smoke when they know the odds of getting cancer are pretty high, or why some people get into destructive relationships or lousy investments. Decisions run your life and if you make decisions that are not really right or good for you they must be coming from somewhere…but where? There is a rumour out there in the big bad world that your conscious mind is the size of a pea and your subconscious mind is the size of an elephant. At first I laughed buy now I know it is true. Most discernment in the majority of people comes from the elephant. Decisions are made on a subset of subconscious conditions most of which are energetic in nature. When you drive your car around, it get dirty quite naturally. You don’t even have to drive on dirt roads either. Your mind needs an energetic washing just like your car needs a physical one.

Discernment Is Seeing Through The Fog

If you live in a place where thick fog can occur you know how easy it can be to lose your bearings and get turned around or you have to go more slowly to see familiar landmarks as you move forward. The true nature of your discernment is also like that. The landmarks that give you the true nature of what is for your highest good are buried in the fog of thoughts like ‘If I don’t go partying with Paul, he will give me a hard time.” Or “Jane is expecting me to buy her something special for Valentine’s Day when we haven’t been going out long enough to say we are going steady. “ Your mind and feelings manipulate you into doing things or saying things just to get something out of it. Whether it is self-punishment, to feel powerful, to feel included or just to be part of something, your discernment can be clouded to the point where you get turned around in the fog. The truth is however, that thoughts are energies that don’t always belong to you. They can be just dirty foreign bits of energy that have become lodged in your energy field that register in your mind as thoughts that influence your feelings and behaviors. Once a path is set, sometimes it is hard to get turned in the right direction…like quitting smoking…it can be really hard if not impossible. When your discernment is clouded you can make a series of bad decisions that can affect you years and decades later in your life. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but what if you could clear the fog and get the decision you should be making.

Wanting Affects Discernment

First of all, recognize that wants that you appear to have are just lumps of foreign energy in your energy field with a pull. You keep bumping into them and they get your attention. These lumps could be anything wonderful to anything horrid and they are all tumbling around your energy field like ping pong balls at a bingo game. Which ball comes up will depend on what attracts you the most subconsciously or which one has the most control over a sector of your energy field. This is why regaining control of your energy field in total takes a lot of work because your energetic territory is so big. The part you can feel if you are clear is about 55 feet from you in any direction, but it extends out much farther than that. That creepy person that lives down the hall from you has an energy field that occupies part of the same space as yours does. That can also affect your discernment as their energy can try to interfere with yours. Now that you know some of the influences on your ability to discern you can take empowering steps to regain more clarity.

Discernment- Discernment About What Is Appropriate For You Is Not About Comfort It Is About Growth

For a number of years now, I have studied under a person of great wisdom. One of the things that is hammered home is about discernment. Finding the right action or the right path is so important in creating freedom from discord and advancing anyone’s consciousness. Appropriateness is key throughout life. Make an inappropriate decision for you and it could lead you down a blind alley where you have to turn around and find your way in another direction. There are no wrong decisions of course, but there is the factor of circumstances that are created that can be disappointing and frustrating, not to mention the time that has gone by..

Discernment Is All About Appropriate Interpretation Of The Resonance

Appropriateness and the discernment of it is all about resonance and picking up the nuances of the vibration you feel. Discerning those nuances takes careful observation and practice and realizing that what is appropriate is not about what will make you happy, rich or dispel loneliness. It is about what it is supposed to teach you, how you respond to it and how and if you grow. If you don’t understand the lesson, it will be repeated, perhaps in a stronger manner next time. It will repeat until you respond appropriately, using it as a tool for consciousness growth.

Using Discernment To Break The Cycle Of An Unpleasant Repeatedly Experienced Circumstance

How many times have you relived experiences over again during your life? The people and places might have been different but the issue and emotional roller coaster it brings have the same flavor. Sometimes even when you think you have dealt with something enough, it is still there. A good example of this is my father. He was a highly unpleasant person who gave me a sense of relief when he died. I worked almost every day for about five years to be rid of his energy. When I felt I had rid myself of every scrap of his energy, I was presented a situation where I knew there was more. It takes a lot of work to rid yourself of karmic baggage if you have that intention but there are some shortcuts that can move you out of the current and into quieter waters. By using your intent and your discernment you can break the cycle of repeats that plague your life. When you work at your issues they can appear less and less in your life, leaving you with greater stillness.