Who’s in Your Life, Anyway?


Our personal world is different that every other person’s world. Yes, there are places where we touch each other so there can be an inter-connection that creates a net between whole communities of people. Our preferences however, make us believe we would rather not have certain people in our lives. But what do those people represent? Why are they here disturbing the reality you want to create?

The net that connects the present all together could have been created a long time ago, in another century, in another age. We haven’t always been so civilized and nice. Each of us has during one lifetime or another done some bad things. The energetic memory of those events still resides in our energy field, lurking in some hidden place away from our current awareness.

The people we interact with and the people we hear about on the news are pings that spring from those energetic memories. It doesn’t mean we are going to turn into what we hear on the news but those who have an overwhelming amount of those terrible energetic memories, sooner or later have a spill-over that causes them to become violent.

For most of us however, most of the people you interact with or hear about are reminders for us to reach deeply into ourselves and pull out the shards of pain and suffering that are reflected to us. As we learn and grow and see whatever is in front of us as a gift, that person becomes the perfect one to give us a poke as a reminder of who we really are and why we are here.

Why Humans Need Negativity to Learn


It seems that the reaction of a response to a stimulus is still an effective way to make changes in character or behavior in a person. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard how people have been told by a doctor that they are heading for a health crisis and they need to change their eating habits and start exercising. A negative hit to create a change in behavior. I see it everywhere, except with some of the negativity, people just think the world is against them. They do not equate what is going on with anything positive. They do not have the conscious awareness that they need to change to see change in their world. The point is in order to have what you’ve never had, you have to become someone you’ve never been.

The duality of our inner and outer world has many benefits if only we could see where we are heading. If we had the foresight to change course and begin making small changes in how we live, there would be an outward swing of that inner pendulum and we would see it in all aspects of our lives.

We see it in people who start to move more and can only walk a minute or so at a time. They learn to walk a few seconds more each day until they can walk for longer and longer periods at a brisker and brisker pace.

This is also true in a spiritual sense. So many people feel alone, abandoned and isolated because they believe their own thoughts. If they started to reject those thoughts in favor of other more positive thoughts, the negative starts to drift away like a fog in the wind.

Negativity is never meant to be a permanent thing. It is a stimulant to choose change. What we choose is part of our freedom to do so. If we continue to choose the negative, that is what we get more of. If we choose to reject negativity in all its forms, more positive happenings occur to us and our immediate world.

It seems that when we are complacent, there is not much impetus to do anything much. When we are in a painful position, we are prodded to change, to take some form of action, if only to reject negativity and welcome the new dawn of more positive thinking. Reminds me of that book called “The Power of Positive Thinking”, written in the last century.

There are many anecdotal stories of people who have been hit over the head with something negative hard enough that they have seen it as a wake-up call. Making change is never easy but living with negativity and its consequences is much harder. If you see your life as more negative, start rejecting those thoughts and start changing one behavior at a time and make small changes every day. You too, may end up standing in a new day of a beautiful sunrise.

The Genius Creator That You Are


Your reality emerges from within you. Your eyes interpret the energy patterns which tell your brain what you see. Creation is an awesome activity and as you look around you, you can see you are indeed an awesome creator. The human group field is like the movie the Matrix where everything is inter-connected and everyone seems to have consensus on certain things like the sky is blue and trees are green.

As you’ve heard, unconditional love is eternal, it never changes. Divine Consciousness is the source of unconditional love so it to never changes. Everything that is real is also the same in the beginning, the middle and the end. Because what you see is always changing, it is not real, it is an illusion.

This illusion has been designed so that Divine Consciousness could experience everything through you – the good, the bad and the ugly. It is a static entity that has nothing better to do than be entertained by everything you do and experience.

So however freaking awesome your life is, how to you get more good and less bad and ugly? One of the Universal laws states that the Universe is mind, the Universe is mental. In other words what you see is created by collective and individual thought. To change how you see everything you just need to change your thoughts. If enough people agree with you and change their thoughts then the reality can shift in a big way- the revolution in Egypt, the world climate change action plan and so on.

Your personal thoughts affect your personal reality in much stronger ways than you realize. How do you think one lone house is left completely untouched in a forest fire when everything around it is burnt to the ground? Or how do you think one person recovers and one dies with the identical cancer. Thought follows energy.

So, if your life is not as awesome as you would like, examine your thoughts and see what you find. You may be surprised what you have hidden away in your energy field that is affecting you as a Creator.

A Life Self-Assessment


When you are born, everything around you helps you to become who you are. Other factors like past lives, good and bad things that have happened and a whole range of energetic factors start steering your life. But rather than just drifting with the tide as you become an adult, perhaps it would be wise to swim exactly where you want to go. If you assume that everything that happens to you is destined to happen, you’re right. If you assume you can steer your own boat or swim against the tide, you are also right. It is all your choice.

All kinds of signs and signals point the way but we humans are determined to let our emotions lead us and that is not always wise. If we need to fulfill an emotional need by becoming romantically involved with the wrong person whose soul vibration is too dissimilar to ours, then eventually the relationship will become so disfunctional it cannot continue. If we pay attention in the beginning and become aware of these sorts of things, then relationship disaster can be averted.

The same is true if we don’t check if it is appropriate to become involved in a financial undertaking and we end up being scammed. Self-assessing should always be a continuous and on-going process. We may not be happy to learn the person we are attracted to is not the right one or this hot financial deal is going to end in disaster. Our emotions can carry us away anyway and we could end up doing it regardless. Then in the end, you get what you deserve. There are always energetic signs, however subtle they may be that you need to change directions.

You see, in this reality, you are the only one who exists. Everyone and everything else is here to reflect to you what you don’t see. It is all here to push you to clear the rubbish so you can see the light that is buried within you. It will distract you along the way, or even kick you into the ditch if you are not paying attention. Nevertheless, you have freedom to make choices as long as you know the fine print is right in front of you to make you aware of whether this is a choice for your highest good or not.

Certain cultures demand that the children obey the parental wishes for career and relationship issues. Sometimes what the parents want is not really right for the child, no matter what the parent thinks. It is hard to abandon family traditions and follow your own path, but in a lot of cases it is necessary to fulfill your destiny.

Sometimes, people are so blocked that they have no idea whether they are on the right path or going down a blind alley. There are some strategies that will work. Using a “yes/no” technique with your body or a pendulum will begin to get you more in touch with yourself and your Higher Self.

To use your body, stand with your feet apart in a natural feeling position. Relax and let your arms rest by your sides. Ask your body out loud (even a whisper will do) “Give me a yes” and your body should tilt in a direction. Note the direction. Now ask your body out loud again “Give me a no”. Your body should tilt in a different direction. Practice this every day until you get a distinct tilt consistently. Then start making statements to yourself like “Julia is the right relationship for me”. Do not ask questions and do not watch yourself. Keeping emotion out of your statements also helps because when you watch yourself and speak emotionally, you are steering your intuitive nature to give you the answer you want, not what is appropriate.

To use a pendulum, tie a nail or a washer onto a piece of string so the washer is above a surface on which you rest your elbow but long enough that it will swing freely. Hold the string between your thumb and first finger. Rest your elbow on a table or other flat surface, bending your elbow upwards so the pendulum swings freely. Use the same yes/no techniques used above to get signals from the pendulum. Once you have consistently ascertained yes/no answers, then make statements dispassionately, getting an answer. Again, do not watch yourself or speak emotionally to influence the result. It takes a while to get out of your own way to get correct and appropriate answers. We are too emotional about things to get clarity. Until you are extremely well practiced, do not rely on these methods for important decisions.


Why we Need to Live in the Present



The present is where the action is right now. This is where all those neutrinos and quarks that quantum physicists talk about pop in and out of the reality. They are what can change a random possibility into a probability. Probabilities of the kind that support our growth and smooth out the bumps in life are what we all really want. We want to mend all those old fences so the pigs don’t get into our beautifully tended garden, eating everything in site and smashing the rest.

How do we know where those pigs are lurking! The signs are all around us. Their footprints are found in our thoughts, in the people around us, in what we see, hear and smell. There is nothing except the Eterneal Stillness of the Universe that is free of those piggy footprints. If we see one small hint in our reality and we constructively work to eliminate it, it will dramatically affect all our future moments.

Let me give you an example. In our community we had a very well known homeless man who slept on the streets and in little sheltered spots in the neighborhood. Try as we might we could not bet him into an indoor space. This went on for years. He was mentally ill but harmless and everyone would give him food and money. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, he was presented with a large hot turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

We watched him deteriorate, despite all our efforts to help him. Eventually we were able to get him into an indoor space where he had a bath for the first time in years. He had the mats cut out of his hair and he slept in a real bed. It was at that time that he realized how much he had missed all of the things that were being offered to him over the years.

Everyone involved with this individual were trying to help him but his illness and some past tragedy prevented him from acceptiong the help and from trusting us. Now, because of his decision to make a change in the way he lived, despite his fear, which is no small change, his whole life is different now. He is in a warm place, he has a bed to sleep in and three nutritious meals every day.

Each of us has the power to make tiny changes in the way our lives unfold. By making those micro-changes, the pigs will not be able to get into the garden in the same way anymore. It doesn’t mean they are necessarily gone, they are just lurking on the other side of the fence, waiting for the opportunity to break through. By rejecting certain types of thoughts, eating more appropriately, staying away from places where negativity reigns and choosing wisely, every moment after that will be different. And, by continuing to choose all aspects of your life more appropriately, the fence gets stronger and stronger. Soon, the pigs will never get into the garden again and will go somewhere elso looking for food.

Changes don’t have to be huge. It could be as simple as refusing to self-criticize as much. By drawing your awareness to when you do it, you make a decision to do it less and less until you aren’t doing it anymore.

Pick one small thing you want to change and do your best to recognize every time you do it, then stop doing it. Being present in the present is key. What you did a minute or five minutes ago doesn’t matter. What you are doing now, is what is important. Now is where you are creating every moment of your future. If you want it to be better, start now to make it better. You can do this because it is the present.

A new era has Dawned


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Every once in a while, a Universal tidal wave appears and slams into my world full force. The last one that happened was when my marriage ended. That one took a few years (hear a decade) to sort out and recover. I feel so fortunate to have developed a few useful skills since then.

The current one happened at the beginning of March 2017. I was rear-ended by a person with very evil energy. Usually I am very careful and vigilant. I have a bunch of tin cans tied to a string, metaphorically speaking, hanging in my energy field. There was no time for it to sound the alarm. It was too late, the energy moved too quickly. I was shocked, surprised and angry.

Aside from the extensive damage to my car, and personal injury, there was a deep sense that something that I could’t physically see was terribly wrong. It took me about a week, to be able to review the movie of the accident from a few different perspectives. I was too disoriented before that, to say the least.

What did I see? There was something very unpleasant inside me that was jarred loose in the accident. It was something very old that had been with me for ever so long. I’ve had vague glimpses of things like it over time that I have long since removed, but this was enormous. It was woven into the very fabric of my Being so I would not recognise it.

Despite my personal discomfort, I see the accident as a gift. It allowed me to see and remove something dreadful that would have adversely affected my health and well-being as I got older. This could be a life-changing experience depending how the Universe steers this bus. But I am not concerned for the gift has been opened and appreciated beyond words. The page has been turned and a new era has dawned. I look forward to a lighter future.