A Life Self-Assessment


When you are born, everything around you helps you to become who you are. Other factors like past lives, good and bad things that have happened and a whole range of energetic factors start steering your life. But rather than just drifting with the tide as you become an adult, perhaps it would be wise to swim exactly where you want to go. If you assume that everything that happens to you is destined to happen, you’re right. If you assume you can steer your own boat or swim against the tide, you are also right. It is all your choice.

All kinds of signs and signals point the way but we humans are determined to let our emotions lead us and that is not always wise. If we need to fulfill an emotional need by becoming romantically involved with the wrong person whose soul vibration is too dissimilar to ours, then eventually the relationship will become so disfunctional it cannot continue. If we pay attention in the beginning and become aware of these sorts of things, then relationship disaster can be averted.

The same is true if we don’t check if it is appropriate to become involved in a financial undertaking and we end up being scammed. Self-assessing should always be a continuous and on-going process. We may not be happy to learn the person we are attracted to is not the right one or this hot financial deal is going to end in disaster. Our emotions can carry us away anyway and we could end up doing it regardless. Then in the end, you get what you deserve. There are always energetic signs, however subtle they may be that you need to change directions.

You see, in this reality, you are the only one who exists. Everyone and everything else is here to reflect to you what you don’t see. It is all here to push you to clear the rubbish so you can see the light that is buried within you. It will distract you along the way, or even kick you into the ditch if you are not paying attention. Nevertheless, you have freedom to make choices as long as you know the fine print is right in front of you to make you aware of whether this is a choice for your highest good or not.

Certain cultures demand that the children obey the parental wishes for career and relationship issues. Sometimes what the parents want is not really right for the child, no matter what the parent thinks. It is hard to abandon family traditions and follow your own path, but in a lot of cases it is necessary to fulfill your destiny.

Sometimes, people are so blocked that they have no idea whether they are on the right path or going down a blind alley. There are some strategies that will work. Using a “yes/no” technique with your body or a pendulum will begin to get you more in touch with yourself and your Higher Self.

To use your body, stand with your feet apart in a natural feeling position. Relax and let your arms rest by your sides. Ask your body out loud (even a whisper will do) “Give me a yes” and your body should tilt in a direction. Note the direction. Now ask your body out loud again “Give me a no”. Your body should tilt in a different direction. Practice this every day until you get a distinct tilt consistently. Then start making statements to yourself like “Julia is the right relationship for me”. Do not ask questions and do not watch yourself. Keeping emotion out of your statements also helps because when you watch yourself and speak emotionally, you are steering your intuitive nature to give you the answer you want, not what is appropriate.

To use a pendulum, tie a nail or a washer onto a piece of string so the washer is above a surface on which you rest your elbow but long enough that it will swing freely. Hold the string between your thumb and first finger. Rest your elbow on a table or other flat surface, bending your elbow upwards so the pendulum swings freely. Use the same yes/no techniques used above to get signals from the pendulum. Once you have consistently ascertained yes/no answers, then make statements dispassionately, getting an answer. Again, do not watch yourself or speak emotionally to influence the result. It takes a while to get out of your own way to get correct and appropriate answers. We are too emotional about things to get clarity. Until you are extremely well practiced, do not rely on these methods for important decisions.


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