A new era has Dawned


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Every once in a while, a Universal tidal wave appears and slams into my world full force. The last one that happened was when my marriage ended. That one took a few years (hear a decade) to sort out and recover. I feel so fortunate to have developed a few useful skills since then.

The current one happened at the beginning of March 2017. I was rear-ended by a person with very evil energy. Usually I am very careful and vigilant. I have a bunch of tin cans tied to a string, metaphorically speaking, hanging in my energy field. There was no time for it to sound the alarm. It was too late, the energy moved too quickly. I was shocked, surprised and angry.

Aside from the extensive damage to my car, and personal injury, there was a deep sense that something that I could’t physically see was terribly wrong. It took me about a week, to be able to review the movie of the accident from a few different perspectives. I was too disoriented before that, to say the least.

What did I see? There was something very unpleasant inside me that was jarred loose in the accident. It was something very old that had been with me for ever so long. I’ve had vague glimpses of things like it over time that I have long since removed, but this was enormous. It was woven into the very fabric of my Being so I would not recognise it.

Despite my personal discomfort, I see the accident as a gift. It allowed me to see and remove something dreadful that would have adversely affected my health and well-being as I got older. This could be a life-changing experience depending how the Universe steers this bus. But I am not concerned for the gift has been opened and appreciated beyond words. The page has been turned and a new era has dawned. I look forward to a lighter future.

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